If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

$1 Billion in US tax refunds up for grabs


Here’s an interesting – and potentially highly lucrative - one for a Friday afternoon. US Government agency Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced yesterday that a whopping $1 billion lies in stock for people who didn’t file a federal income tax return for 2008. IRS believes that up to a million people could be due money back.

However, like all good things this has to come to an end. The cut-off for getting your 2008 tax refund is mid-April so in order to be sure of making this deadline, you should make sure that we have everything we need from you by the end of March. Get yourself onto our US tax page, pronto!

So who could be due money back, we hear you ask? All sorts of people – work and travel participants, J1 visa holders, working holidaymakers, F1 visa holders and anyone who has worked in the US for any period of time. What could be nicer than a Spring windfall?

If you think it’s too much hassle to check what you’re owed, you should spare a quick thought about the fact that the average US tax refund is €800. We operate on a no refund no fee basis so it’s worth taking a few seconds and filling out the  US tax calculator. Your bank account will thank you for it.