If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

12 Reasons why our Canadian Tax Refund service is unmatched

1. FREE Estimations

Yes, you have read it correctly, it is totally free. We will review all your paperwork and tell you what you are due. Then you can choose what you want to do – proceed with your refund or not!


We don't take any payment up-front. You can be sure that we will get your refund back as quickly as possible.

3. Online tracking

We'll provide you with access to our secure online Tax Tracker. Log in to your personal account and you can review the progress of your tax return. You can even set up notifications for when changes are made.

4. Personal customer care

You will have your own personal account manager. Our expert will be there at any time when you need them. Just call or email any time during the day, or use our chat service outside business hours.

5. Constant Support

We have 24/7 chat service support, so if you have a query at midnight, don't worry - our Chat Team is on hand to provide support.

6. Languages

Our team offers our professional service in 24 languages, so we can always talk to you in your native language.

The average Canadian tax refund is $998


7. Widget Calculator 

We have a super cool refund estimator widget. It is a simple and quick calculator meaning that there is no need for you to fill out long forms to get an estimation. Try it out HERE.

8. Mobile App

You can do all your paperwork on your mobile! We have a FREE mobile applications for both Android and iOS. A handy tool for making your tax refund application even easier.

9. Speed up the refund process - submit the full tax pack

You can download packs straight from our website. Just download it, fill it in and send it to us. If you'd rather not fill in the full pack, you can always just register online and we'll contact you about the other details we need.

10. Flexible Payment

Other companies only offer payment by cheque. We transfer your payment directly into your bank account. Bank transfers are the quickest and easiest way to get your refund.

11. Tax return amendments

If your tax return has been filed incorrectly, we can review and amend your tax return.

12. Audit assistance

If your case is audited, we can deal with the CRA on your behalf at no extra cost.

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