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Alcopop Tax Largely Opposed in Australia

Tax increase on alcopops simply won’t work. This is what most Australians seem to agree on these days.

While it was meant to curb alcohol access for youngsters, recent data shows the overall consumption has not decreased, but simply shifted towards other types of booze. On top of that, the tax was only generating half of the predicted revenue. Alcopop drinks are hardly the choice of heavy drinkers as they lack the bang they are after; also, substituting pre-mixed drinks with bottled spirits is now more attractive die to lower pricing.

Health activists insist that since alcopops are favored by youngsters, pricing it out of their reach will solve the problem. But facts are, mixed drinks are easy to make: take some soft drinks and put in some liquor, and there you go.

The takeaway is simple: tax cannot solve a social problem like drinking, and a growing number of people come to realize that.