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Amazon in hot water about tax payments

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The spark against Amazon tax payments has once again caught fire. Last year, the government gave loans and grants of £2.5 million for operating less prosperous warehouses, such as building a road to the warehouse in Swansea. Despite the loans and the £4 billion the company comprised, they only paid a mere £2.4 million in corporation tax. The same situation happened in 2011, when Amazon admitted to paying just £1.8 million, even with sales adding up to £3.4 billion and more in grants. It was not long before an uproar from British citizens and business owners started once again. There have been statements such as “It’s a disgrace,” “It’s anti-competitive, pushing British businesses that do pay their proper taxes at a disadvantage,” and “It shows yet again that the Government is making a political choice rather than an economic necessity.” The outrage sparked last year when it was revealed that large, multinational companies such as Amazon, Starbucks and Google consistently avoided millions in UK taxes. Regardless of the revelation, a spokesman for the company claims, “Amazon pays all applicable taxes in every jurisdiction that it operates within.” A petition signed by 166,000 booksellers and angered citizens was formed to call out the Government and stop the unfairness in the Amazon tax dodge. Voicing her opinion on the subject, Margaret Hodge says “The Government should be clamping down on tax avoidance rather than slashing the welfare state, privatising the NHS and cutting legal aid for ordinary people.”