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Baking in Aid of Temple Street Hospital


We’re slowly recovering from our sugar-induced comas after baking up a storm in the Great Irish Bake for Temple Street Hospital

Last week, we rolled up our sleeves, donned our aprons, and whipped out the self-raising flour to make the finest baked goods that have ever graced the halls of Taxback.com. Research says the smell of freshly baked goods can have positive effects on people, and this turned out to be very true in our case! Among the delights were apple quarters, Rice Krispie buns, coffee cake, lamingtons, and lemon queen cakes.

The aim was to fit as much of these onto our plates as possible. There was no prize for the winner, however the clear favourite was a Victoria sponge with buttercream icing.

Since the Great Irish Bake began in 2008, it has raised over €337,000 for Temple Street Hospital and fostered awareness of the urgent need for facilities. Equipment is incredibly expensive, with one incubator costing as much as €50,000, so they need all the help they can get.

It’s also a great excuse to have fun baking and enjoy some sugary treats at work or with friends and family. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this experience at taxback.com, it’s that if you feed people enough butter and sugar combined in a delicious baked dessert, then you are sure to make them smile!

Interested in holding your own bake for Temple Street? Find out everything you need to know at www.templestreet.ie