If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Breaking News: Taxback Refunds and Transfers 100% Secure


The Irish Government today announced a two year guarantee on Irish banks’ deposits and debts.

As a 100% Irish owned company, the Taxback Group can guarantee the security of all our international and domestic refunds and transfers.

All our overseas funds are repatriated to Irish hold accounts on receipt – meaning your income tax and VAT refunds are 100% secure.

We have foreign exchange accounts in the Irish banks safeguarded by the new Government arrangement meaning customers lodging funds through our TransferMate service are guaranteed total security for their lodgements.

No other country has issued this safeguard – putting the Taxback Group ahead of all other foreign exchange providers based outside of Ireland.

The Government’s guarantee is effective immediately and will safeguard all deposits, covered bonds, senior debt and dated subordinated debt with Allied Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland, Anglo Irish Bank, Irish Life and Permanent, Irish Nationwide Building Society and the Educational Building Society until September 2010.

The move is in response to the impact of the recent international financial market crisis on the Irish banking system and shows great resolve by the Irish Government. It aims to maintain financial stability in the Irish economy.

This 100% guarantee is in contrast to other countries in the Eurozone who only provide a guarantee to a maximum of €20k. It means our customers have a significantly higher level of assurance than any other service provider in the US or Europe.