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What’s in the Budget briefcase, Mr. Lenihan?


So Budget Day has finally arrived and we’ve been lead to believe that it’s going to be every bit as grim as the weather that has swept the country. The taxback.com team is poised to bring you the news as soon as Mr. Lenihan announces it at quarter to four today.

The 4-year plan unveiled last week has made us quite sure that there won’t be any soft-soaping; indeed this is being referred to as one of the harshest Budgets the State will ever see with threats of tax hikes and welfare cuts aplenty. Keep reading our blog as we’ll give you the digestible version of the Budget in plain English.

Our Senior Tax Specialist, Christine Keily, is going to be live on Beat 102-103 this afternoon so tune in to hear her comments on Budget 2011 as soon as the news breaks..