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Camp Greenheart 2014 with the help of Taxback.com

We at taxback.com believe that helping local communities and improving life of children is amongst the core values we all share. That's why we are more than glad to support such initiatives, especially those with leadership and educational impact on youth. Such event is Camp Greenheart 2014.

Camp Greenheart 2014We are pleased to announce that the first Camp Greenheart launched by our friends from CCI Greenheart and Taxback.com (among the donators) was a huge success.

The first annual Camp Greenheart brought together 27 Chicago inner-city kids from low-income families to enjoy a week of exploration, development of new skills, fun, and learning. The campers were involved in various activities aimed to boost their creativity and unveil the secrets of nature, leadership, movie-making, live music performing, sky walking and lots more!

Greenheart’s high school exchange students from France, Vietnam, Spain and Germany took the role of camp leaders and gave their best to make this week one to remember. They were all dedicated to one goal: to help the kids to discover new horizons and explore the world and nature in it's entire beauty and diversity. It’s an opportunity that the campers would never have without the help of CCI Greenheart; and also helped Greenheart’s exchange students get some valuable leadership experience.

Camp Greenheart 2014 was a celebration of cultural diversity. The event gathered together people from around the world, who became friends on the first day. Camp Greenheart encouraged tolerance, respect and teamwork - terms of a huge importance for growing in today’s global society.

Camp Greenheart 2014 proved that ‘co-operation can help you succeed, and fun activities can help you learn’. Taxback.com is glad to be a part of the initiative and hope to have more opportunities to support CCI Greenheart in their mission to make positive contribution to the future of youth.

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