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$1000 Cash Prizewinner Has Been Chosen!

Congrats to Ross Mayhew, our first $1,000 cash prizewinner in our giveaway. Have you entered yet?

A BIG congratulations to Ross Mayhew on being the first of our three $1,000 prizewinners! At the end of the tax year in Australia, we run a competition to give our customers the chance to walk away with much more than their tax refund, picking names at random from people who applied for their Oz refunds. The lucky winners get to walk away with $1,000 cash to spend any way they like!

The lucky winner of our first draw is Ross Mayhew from the UK. Ross initially signed up with one of our partner’s, Working Holiday Jobs. When we called Ross to give him the good news, he initially thought it was a scam but eventually we got him to call into our Sydney office to claim his prize.

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On meeting the team, Ross said, “completing my tax back with Taxback.com was a very easy and stress free process, I supplied them with a few documents and the rest was all done for me. The team members I contacted were friendly and always quick to reply, they provided any information I needed and went the extra mile.’’

He was pretty shocked at winning the cash, ‘’winning the $1000 prize money was a great surprise because I never win things like this, it means tonight will get messy at Asylum Hostel and my friends will have a good weekend. The rest I'll save for traveling and either a skydive or tattoo before I head home. I would also like to thank my tax agent Marian who did an amazing job and made my experience stress free. Thanks Marian and Taxback.com!”

We’re delighted to give Ross his prize and we can’t wait to hear how he spends it! Send us some pics Ross! At Taxback.com we do our best to make the process of doing your tax as easy as possible. We’re also the only tax company in Australia that gives away amazing prizes for people on working holiday visas and try make tax as ‘’fun’’ as possible!

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If you haven’t completed your tax return for the last tax year or you’re leaving Australia, then pop into any of our help desks around Oz or use Taxback.com to get a free estimate or download our tax forms!

You STILL have the chance to walk away with $1,000 cash like Ross did in our draws in August and September, so what are you waiting for?

Get your free estimate here and we'll put your name in the draw.

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