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Changes to New Irish Tax Levy

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Low income earners will no longer pay the 1% income levy

Minimum wage earners will now be exempt from the Irish Government’s new 1% income levy announced in the Budget.

The 2009 Irish Budget was released last week and included a number of tough changes to help protect the Irish economy from the effects of the global financial crisis.

A 1% income levy was set to be introduced in 2009 on all taxpayers earning less than €100,000 per year, and 2% on those earning above that.

It was announced today that workers earning less than the Irish minimum wage – €8.65 per hour or €17,542 per year – will now be exempt from the levy.

The changes came after trade union leaders met with Taoiseach Brian Cowen last week to express concern about the effect of the 1% levy on low income earners.

Further changes may be announced in the coming weeks to compensate for the expected €60 million loss in revenue as a result of excluding low income earners from the 1% levy.

The average Irish tax refund is €1076.17