If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Claiming Tax Rebate in the UK

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As the economic crisis deepens and uncertainty grows, sorting out taxes becomes even more important. Identifying any overpaid taxes may save you hundreds of pounds and may soften the blow of unemployment. You may be due a tax rebate if:

  • You have worked on the wrong tax code
  • You have not worked the full tax year (worked only casually as a student or been made redundant)
  • You have other income taxed through your tax code
  • Your tax-related circumstances have changed

If you paid tax through PAYE and are no longer employed, it is likely that you could reclaim some of your income tax. If you are a self-employed worker and your earnings have lowered, you can apply for lower payment than usual. Getting professional help can maximize your tax savings and ensure that your taxes are filed in compliance with all current regulations.