If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Cut through the confusion with the taxback.com pension calculator


The apology was welcomed by most of the TDs and Senators but many suspect that the issuance of the pension letters was an initial attempt to make up the €45 million savings promised in December’s Budget.

While the debate and controversy has raged on, we’ve been busy putting together a pension tax calculator which can be used to get an immediate insight into how both DSP and private pensions have been affected. We’ve got a lot of calls from pensioners who feared that the letter didn’t tally with their tax credit certificate. Our calculator will show you in a matter of seconds if your tax credits certificate is correct.

If you’re worried about a parent or a grandparent who may have received one of the letters, it’s worth using the calculator on their behalf.

Some people need a bit more time and reassurance than simply using our pension calculator, so we’re also offering a free pension consultation in which we will review all the relevant tax credits and reliefs that are applicable to you and make sure that you’re receiving all your entitlements.

For anyone who’s not involved by the pension issue, we haven’t forgotten about you either though. The Irish tax year ended on December 31st so you can apply for your 2011 Irish tax refund now.