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Did you have Airbnb income in 2014?

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It’s time to file your Airbnb Tax Return

If you were an Airbnb host in Ireland in 2014, your name, address and Airbnb income have already been reported to Revenue.  At Taxback.com, we want to help ensure your tax return is filed accurately and your liability minimised.

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We’re sure you’re aware of the recent controversy surrounding Airbnb, following their decision to report all income arising to hosts since May 2014 to Revenue. The fact that Revenue has decided that this income is not subject to ‘rent a room’ relief caught many people by surprise. 

As a consequence, there are now many people in Ireland, some of whom have never previously filed a tax return, who need help in ensuring they report the income correctly and that their tax bill is minimised.

We want to start filing these returns as soon as possible to ensure they are in time for the self-assessed tax return deadline on 31st October and clarification on all applicable deductions is provided.

If you had Airbnb income arising after May 2014, don’t panic. Let us help you remain fully compliant and find out how much we can reduce your tax liability.


We take the hassle out of filing your Irish tax return


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