If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Get your dream job Down Under

If getting paid a massive salary to wine, dine and generally have a good time sounds like your idea of hell, then look away now. Tourism Australia has just launched their 2013 ‘Best Jobs in the World’ contest, offering people the chance to work in one of six new roles. But these are no ordinary jobs. Job titles include ‘Taste Master’, ‘Lifestyle Photographer’, ‘Outback Adventurer’, ‘Chief Funster’, ‘Wildlife Caretaker’ and ‘Park Ranger’ and the job descriptions are something to behold. As Wildlife Caretaker, you’ll be required to ‘cuddle koalas’ and ‘wake up the kangaroos’ on Kangaroo Island, the Taste Master will have to sample various wines and succulent cuisine in Western Australia and the Lifestyle Photographer will have to ‘work with high profile designers and artists’, attend photoshoots and document it all for the Melbourne edition of Time Out Magazine. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, the winning candidate for each job will receive a salary package worth $100,000 Australian dollars. It’s a hard life. The new campaign is designed to highlight the benefits of Australia’s Working Holiday Maker Programme, which brings in 26% of all Australia’s international holiday workers aged 18 – 30, allowing them to stay for 12 months and supplementing their funds with six months employment. Cumulatively, these workers have contributed $2.5 billion to Australia’s economy. Eileen Devereux, manager of our taxback.com  Sydney office, is enthusiastic about the contest. ‘This is an amazing opportunity that most of us could only dream of, but Tourism Australia is making this a reality for six lucky people. Working Holiday Makers contribute so much to our economy and now thanks to the Best Job in the World contest, we can give them back the best of what Australia has to offer; first hand experiences in our diverse cities and natural habitats, an insight into our culture and a once in a lifetime experience.’ If you aren’t lucky enough to get one of these jobs, don’t worry, all is not lost. Australia is looking to fill 36,000 international employment positions, giving you the chance to explore Australia and generate some extra cash while working in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. All you have to do to apply for the Best Job In The World is go on Tourism Australia’s website or Facebook page and then upload a short 30 second video of yourself letting them know why you’re perfect for the job. May the best funster win.