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Early bird price for self-assessed customers in Ireland


The early bird catches the worm...Or in this case makes a significant saving and takes the stress out of filing your tax return! We are very excited about unveiling our brand new early bird offer for our Irish self-assessed tax return service. By snapping up this offer, you can avail of a 10% discount on our already very competitively priced self-assessed service.

You need to file a self-assessed return in Ireland if you are earning income outside of PAYE or if you wish to avail of additional tax reliefs. Preparing your tax return can be confusing and pricey and people make the same simple mistakes on their tax returns time and time again.

Our self-assessed service was born out of listening to customers complaining about the sky-high bills they were getting from their accountants. One customer even said to us ‘I spoke to my accountant for five minutes on the phone the other day and it was €25.00 on my bill."

With that in mind, we set about crafting a service that isn’t ruled by the clock; it’s ruled by common sense. Our service has a flat fee structure that is outlined at the outset so there are no nasty surprises later.At taxback.com, we can ensure your tax return is filed on time, you minimise your tax liability and that you avail of any tax reliefs you may be entitled to.

We’re also offering our tax return service for landlords and property owners at the early bird price. Landlords and property owners are legally obliged to file an Irish tax return if they earn income from renting a property or part of their private residence, even if they are currently living outside of Ireland. Our dedicated service for landlords and property owners ensures compliance and minimises our client’s tax liability.

The taxback.com self-assessed service starts from €199 (including VAT). To qualify for our early bird discount you must register here and then ensure we receive all the required information and necessary filing documents by March 31st. Take the pressure off filing and make a great saving now!