If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Employers deadline to submit PAYG’s approaching

As of the 14th of August all employers in Australia should have their employees tax details uploaded to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). For all those who have not received their pay summaries yet, now is the time to ask. So, why is your PAYG so important? Well first off, it is important for your own personal records. Your PAYG details how much you earned during the year, and how much you were taxed. Having all these details in one place I not only convenient, but it is also important for keeping your tax affairs in order. The second reason your PAYG is important is that it enables you to check if you’ve overpaid any tax and get a tax refund. At Taxback.com we can help with that. When you send us in your PAYG form to assess your tax refund entitlement, we’ll make sure to apply any tax treaties and deductions you’re due, ensuring you not only get the maximum legal tax refund possible, but that your tax return is fully compliant with Australian tax law as well. If you’ve changed address or simply were unlucky not to receive your PAYG this we can locate it for you. Simply download our short pack here and submit to Australia@taxback.com. Otherwise call our free phone number on 1800 674 014 to find out more.