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Fantasy Football Competition

A big congrats to Chris Charlton from Sunderland in the UK, the well-deserved winner of the 2014/2015 Taxback.com fantasy football league.

Chris CharltonChris was delighted to win the $500 prize,

"What a finish that was, too close to call! A big thanks goes out to Taxback.com and my friend Matthew Lloyd, the best Taxback.com worker in Sydney. Just to mention on my time spent in Sydney as a traveller, I can’t recommend anyone better to arrange tax back from your working holiday other than Taxback.com. For such a small fee in comparison to others, they provided me with an excellent service, constant updates, and a seamless transaction. I was very happy with what I received back!"

"I’m going to purchase a brand new Newcastle United towel for my dear friend Matthew at Taxback.com, who has had a tough year supporting Newcastle. So hopefully the towel will wipe away some tears for next year. The majority of the winnings will be used to pay for my flights to a friend’s stag-do in Germany, where he is celebrating getting married in September and if there is a little left, I will treat the Mrs to a cheeky Nando’s as she deserves the best."

As many of you may know, Taxback.com in Oz held a Fantasy Football competition for the English Premier League for the 2014/2015 season. In Australia it’s hard to watch all the games because of the time difference so we decided to set up a Taxback.com Fantasy Football league to help people keep up their interest in the EPL. The prize we were giving away was $500 Australian Dollars to the winner.

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As the season went on, the top of the Taxback.com leader board was constantly changing but in the end Chris was the outright winner by only 7points.

We wish Chris the best and hope he enjoys his $500, we’re sure his girlfriend will be very grateful for the romantic meal in Nando’s!

Also, a reminder that the end of the tax year is only around the corner on the 30th June. I’m sure you’ll all be delighted to get some money back. If you’re at home and forgot to claim your tax or superannuation or if you’re still in Australia, be sure to click the link and one of our lovely team members would be more than happy to help you out.

Happy spending!

The Taxback.com team

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