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Finding a job in Australia

The top six Job Agencies for Working Holiday Maker jobs Down Under

Australia is among the most popular destinations for a gap year with over 200,000 people travelling there annually on working holiday visas.

A working holiday is a great way to experience life in a country as it gives you the security of knowing that when funds run low, you can pick up some casual work to boost the bank balance and start planning your next adventure.fi

Working holidays in Australia are very popular and as a result there are a number of agencies that specialise in helping working holidaymakers to get jobs across a variety of industries.

When it comes to getting fruit-picking work to secure your second year visa there are a lot of dodgy schemes advertised online. For that reason, we would urge you to be very careful when sourcing fruit picking work and do your research.

If you are in any doubt whatsoever, please get in touch with us here at Taxback.com, one of the agencies below or even your local hostel for advice. We all want to make sure that our travellers have a fun, safe and stress-free time while exploring the wonderful county of Australia. J

Below are six agencies that we work and that we would have no hesitation recommending.


1. Job Search Australia

Offices: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Cairns


Job Search Australia is the job arm of Base Backpackers and is a specialist in finding work for backpackers across a variety of industries including hospitality, administration and promotions. They also can source regional work to secure the much sought after second year visa.

They have offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and in Cairns they can be found in Calypso Backpackers.

Join the Job Search Australia Facebook page to stay updated on all their current jobs.


2. The Job Shop

Offices: Perth, Kununurra 


The Job Shop are specialists in securing regional work for working holiday makers and most of their roles tend to be in regions that will secure a second year visa. Typically the roles will be based in Western Australia.

To apply for any of the jobs they’re advertising, the first thing you need to do is register on the website.  The Job Shop will then get touch with you. Check out their Facebook page to see the types of work that they have placed people in in the past.

The average tax refund Down Under is AU$2600


3. Travellers at Work (TAW)

Office: Sydney


Travellers at Work (TAW) has been supporting working holidaymakers for years to find work in Australia, again this agency is heavily focused on securing work in regional areas that fits the criteria for applying for a second year working holiday visa.

They also have listings for hospitality and other roles in some of the major cities. All jobs are listed on the TAW website and you can apply for as many roles as you choose. If you need support they have an office in Sydney. Keep an eye on their Facebook page to keep up to date on the available jobs.


4. Fruit Picking Jobs/Working Holiday Jobs:

http://www.fruitpickingjobs.com.au/ & http://www.workingholidayjobs.com.au/

Fruit Picking Jobs and Working Holiday Jobs are two very popular online resources for finding work while in Australia on a working holiday visa.

Both sites cover fruit-picking and farm jobs and more city-focused roles also like bar work, waitressing and administration etc.

Both these sites have Facebook pages which are useful as they provide open forums for backpackers to share stories and exchange tips. You will find that people who have had a bad experience finding regional work will share their stories here so that fellow backpackers are warned and can subsequently avoid the same thing happening to them.

Join the Fruit Picking Jobs and Working Holiday Jobs Facebook pages to stay updated.


5. Happy Travels:

Office: Cairns


Happy Travels is an Australian travel agency with travel shops in Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay and many other locations.

In their Cairns shop on Shields Street, they have a help desk for backpackers to find work. They place a huge amount of backpackers in work annually across the Cairns hospitality sector.  They also specialise in finding second year visa regional work across the Tablelands and Tully and other areas in Far North Queensland (FNQ).

If you are looking for work in Cairns you should pop in and have a chat to their rep and see what’s on offer. Stay tuned to their Facebook page also for more details.


6. The Job Shack

Offices Darwin


The Job Shack is the job division of Youth Shack Backpackers in Darwin. The staff here are specialists in finding work in the Northern Territory (NT) with a variety of roles on offer from regional fruit picking roles, to hospitality within the greater NT region.

If you are heading to the NT, then the Youth Shack is most certainly worth a visit. In the meantime, keep up to date on the type of roles by checking out their Facebook page. 


And now the important bit…

When you work in Australia that means that you will be able to claim a tax refund which is our speciality. We provide Australian tax refunds for thousands of working holidaymakers and gap year students every year.

Once you finish working be sure to get in touch with us for your FREE no obligation tax refund estimation. The average income tax refund for Taxback.com clients is $2600. You will also be entitled to a refund of your superannuation and the average refund for Taxback.com customers is AU$1908.

Happy Job Hunting!

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