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Happy Birthday Veliko Tarnovo!


As a global company with 33 offices in 23 countries worldwide, it will come as no surprise to you all that we have an office based in the beautiful city of Veliko Tarnovo. On March 5th, our wonderful collegues based in that office will celebrate their second birthday, and they want to invite you to the party!

The office in Veilko Tarnovo started small – very small – with only one person based there. But, as we all know, all great things start off small and now we’re proud to say we have a hardworking team of 50 working there.

The team is a tight knit group with many diverse people from all sorts of backgrounds, and from all over Bulgaria, working together in the areas of Oz tax, marketing, VAT, audits – you name it, there’s a team of dedicated people working on it! VAT Team

In the last year this fantastic group of people have helped hundreds of new and existing customers get their tax refunds and won numerous awards – both internally and externally. But as with all our offices, they also have a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility Department, which works tirelessly to provide for charities and foundations in the area through fundraising and volunteering. This year, we were able to donate enough money to the Karin Dom Foundation to allow them to purchase vital medical equipment for the children they help.

When we asked our colleagues what makes Veliko Tarnovo such a great place to work, the response was unanimous: ‘It’s a lot of fun here. The atmosphere is always warm and friendly which has allowed us to build a strong team, who are not just co-workers but also friends. We all work hard and help each other to make sure we do our best for our customers, the company and each other.’

On March 5th, the Veliko Tarnovo office will open their doors to the public so that you can see first hand the great atmosphere and hard work that takes place here to ensure we’re doing our best for our customers. We invite all of you to come along and find out first hand what we do, what it takes and what you can do to get involved.

Happy birthday to all our colleagues in Veliko Tarnovo. Here’s to another great year in 2014!