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Highlights of My Oz Adventure

Nadia from our Cairn’s helpdesk continues her adventure in Australia…

If you’re anything like me, when you’re planning what to do on the trip of a lifetime, you’ll have no idea where to even start!

When I began my trip up the east coast in Sydney I had no clue about half the places I was heading to. I just handed over my card and let everyone else make the decisions for me in the hope it would all be worth it. So tip number 1-do your research!

When I arrived in Sydney, I knew next to nothing about the country I was planning on calling my home for the next year. If someone had said Fraser Island to me, I’m sure I would have asked if that was some type of film! I knew nothing! This is going to be the trip of a lifetime, and what you’ve worked so hard for, so make sure you research all the amazing places you’ve dreamed about! I was lucky as my travel buddies had done some digging in advance…phew!

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Here are some my highlights from my trip!


1. Botanical Gardens - Sydney

This will always be a very special place for me as this is where my journey began. When I took this photo, it was one of the first moments it hit me about what I was doing and how far I had already come. The Botanical Gardens are the perfect place if you just want to relax whilst looking at two of the most iconic landmarks in Australia; The Sydney Opera House and The Harbour Bridge. When travelling, you're often on a tight budget, so it's important to make the most of the free things whilst still making sure you get to see and experience everything.


2. Cape Byron Lighthouse – Byron Bay

Along my travels up the east coast, I explored some incredible places, but this has to be one of my favourites, if not my favourite place by far. This photo was taken on my walk up to Cape Byron Lighthouse in Byron Bay. What made this moment so special and exciting for me was seeing my first ever whale! Not only was I blessed to see one, but I saw a whole family, including a calf. If you are travelling from the U.K. like me, you’ll know that the only exciting wild animal we get to see is a badger or a fox, so for me this was absolutely breathtaking!


3. Fraser Island – Indian head

After visiting this awesome island, I’m now fully educated and certain that it’s not a film! Although at some points I really did feel like I was in one! If there is a heaven on earth, this is it! This photo was taken at the top of Indian Head looking out over the sea surrounding Fraser Island; the biggest sand dune Island in the world! This is definitely one of my highlights as it really is one of the most spectacular places I have been to so far on my travels…and I was even lucky enough to spot some wild dingos!


4. Whitehaven Beach – The Whitsunday Islands

Wind, rain and a black sky-but still one of the best days of my life! Thanks to the amazing crew on our boat, we made the absolute most of our day by playing rounders and attempting human pyramids, burying the unlucky ones underneath! Whitehaven beach is the number 1 beach in Australia, and it's not hard to see why. I didn’t know the Whitsundays even existed until I hopped onto a boat and set sail. I now feel so lucky to have experienced, explored, and set foot on such a magical place! The sand is even so fine you can brush your teeth with it!!


5. The Great Barrier Reef - Passions of Paradise

Now as trips and tours go, I could not recommend Passions of Paradise more. From the moment we got on that boat, the crew were friendly, accommodating, and fun! This will always be one of my best moments so far as it was my first ever experience scuba diving, and what better place to do it than the Great Barrier Reef; one of the seven wonders of the world! I was even lucky enough so see a sting ray and a turtle!

The average tax refund Down Under is AU$2600


6. New Years Eve-Ultimate Party

For my first New Years away from home, Ultimate Party definitely did not disappoint! When it comes to the festive season away from home, emotions can be all over the place, and you sometimes feel a bit lonely, but from the moment we arrived, the staff could not have been better! It really has to be one of my favourite nights in Australia so far; seeing in the New Year on the adventure of a lifetime with so many incredible new people and friends.

The average tax refund Down Under is AU$2600


7. Meeting the Locals

I travelled to Australia from the U.K., and the only animal I get to cuddle is my reluctant cat, so getting to meet some of Australia’s native animals meant I could not be happier! This photo was taken at Hartley’s Crocodile Farm.  We got to meet, feed and cuddle the kangaroos! I have only just begun my travels and still have so much  more exploring to do, but I haven’t got off to a bad start!

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Nadia Purtill - Cairns helpdesk @ Taxback.com

My role as a Sales and Marketing executive in Australia has given me the opportunity to meet incredible, like-minded people who are all sharing this amazing backpacking experience through an awesome and beautiful country!

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