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Increase Your Income by Claiming US Royalty Refunds

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Looking for inspiration for your next story is time-consuming and exhausting. So, who wants to spend valuable writing and research time poring over IRS tax forms and getting sucked into endless back and forth postal correspondence with an IRS representative in a faraway office? But then, on the other hand, that extra 30% of income would go a long way – invest it in your next book, take a holiday, pay for a proof-reader? Ah, you recognise yourself in this description! In that case, drop everything and read on! Taxback.com is an international tax service provider that has honed their US Tax Service to deliver a speedy, no hassle and super friendly service to artists, including writers, by claiming back tax and royalty refunds from theUS. As a writer, you may have received royalties from theUSduring the past three years and you probably weren't a resident there during that time. Are you aware that up to 30% tax may have been automatically deducted from your earnings and paid to the IRS? Most of the tax deducted from your royalty receipts in the past three tax years can be claimed back. In some cases all of it! Taxback.com can do it for you. First of all, you’ll need an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) issued by the IRS. This can be a complicated and somewhat tedious procedure for anyone who is not a UStax system expert and who is not a fan of filling out tax forms….probably about 99.9% of you! No need to worry – taxback.com can also sort out your ITIN for you as we are an authorised ITIN Certifying Acceptance Agent. Customers who have used this service in the past have lauded how easy and straightforward it is, in comparison to dealing directly with the IRS.

One such customer, Catherine Ryan Howard, is one of Ireland’s most successful self-published authors. She has written and self-published several books, the most popular of which, Mousetrapped: A Year and a Bit in Orlando, Florida,has sold more than 12,000 copies. Catherine’s books are sold as e-books or paperbacks by several bookUS based distributor sites, including Amazon, CreateSpace and Smashwords. In 2010 and 2011, some of Catherine’s royalty earnings from her books sold in theUSwere taxed up to 30%. Due to the existing tax treaty betweenIrelandand theUS, Catherine should not be paying any withholding tax at all. However, unaware of the tax treaty arrangement betweenIrelandand theUS, the book distributors were obliged by the IRS to withhold the mandatory tax and remit it to the tax office. Catherine approached us at taxback.com to assist with reclaiming herUSroyalty tax refunds for 2010 and 2011.  She had already acquired her ITIN by herself, after much effort and time on her part.

The first thing we needed to deal with was to resolve an outstanding issue in relation to the ITIN, which had left Catherine frustrated and exasperated with the IRS. This was quickly sorted out by ourUStax team at taxback.com. Then it was simply a matter of preparing and submitting her tax returns to reclaim her overpaid taxes. Taxback.com has all the expertise and experience needed to make this process quick, easy and efficient, so you don’t need to waste time filling out complicated forms. Here’s what Catherine had to say about the service she received from taxback.com: “I can't recommend taxback.com's service enough…..With taxback.com, all I had to do was fill out one form (and their forms are so much easier than the IRS's), sign my name a couple of times and then sit back and relax while they did everything else. …. I only wish I'd known about their ITIN service before I wasted eight months trying to get mine. They're also extremely reasonably priced and you can always reach them by phone or e-mail. Well worth it, in my opinion—just think of the headaches you'll spare yourself!” If you’re interested in finding out more about taxback.com, you can start with registering online by filling out our short registration form. Taxback.com provides a free, no obligation consultation and assessment. Your personal account manager will contact you to confirm some information with you and to answer any questions you may have. To apply for your ITIN or your Royalty Refund, all you need to do is complete your application pack and then find yourself a nice comfortable chair, put your feet up and wait a few weeks while we do all the paperwork! Still looking for reasons to use taxback.com?

  • As experienced tax agents in theUS, we’ll make sure you get back the optimal refund owed to you.
  • If you’re interested in following each step of the process, you can do so using your own personal TaxTracker online account.
  • Our low fees, which are deducted from your refund so that you don’t have to pay any upfront amount, offer you excellent service and value for money.
  • We’re an ITIN Certifying Acceptance Agent which means we can sort out your ITIN for you in one clean step.
  • So ultimately you save yourself time and hassle

The alternative is to do everything yourself. Which of course, you’re welcome to try. But like Catherine, you may become frustrated with the complicated process and with dealing directly with the IRS, located in a different time-zone and corresponding via post rather than email. Visit www.taxback.com if you prefer to make things easy for yourself!