If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Apply for your US tax refund and win a shiny new iPad!

Taxback.com is running an exciting new US tax competition. We’re giving a much-coveted Apple iPad to one lucky US tax customer. Yes, not only could you be getting a healthy refund back, you could also be the envy of your friends.

The iPad has caused quite a stir since its arrival and it’s light and slim enough to make the perfect travel comrade. This sleek little tablet offers a brilliant way to stay online when you’re on the move.

Anyone who has worked in the US since 2007 and hasn’t got a tax refund yet from any of those years is eligible to enter. Simply, apply for your US tax refund now, sign and date all the forms and email them to USCompetition@taxback.com before the end of November.

We’ll enter your details into the prize draw and the winner will be announced on 15th December. What’s more, if we receive your application before the end of October we’ll enter your name into the draw TWICE, subsequently doubling your chance of winning.

Have you applied for your US tax refund yet? The average US tax refund is US $800. You can get a free online estimation of your US refund amount. Then send us your US tax refund application today and you could be the proud owner of a revolutionary new Apple iPad just in time for Christmas!

Good luck!