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Make the January UK filing deadline with the taxback.com Self-Assessed Service

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Make the January UK filing deadline with the taxback.com Self-Assessed Service. HMRC issued a press release at the beginning of the week urging all those who are filing online for the first time this year to register for the service now if they want to be sure of being set up in time for the 31 January 2011 filing deadline.

You can save yourself the hassle and stress of trying to complete your own return if you sign up to our brand new UK Self Assessment tax return service. For a flat fee of £250 + VAT our team of tax professionals can prepare and submit your return; all you need to do is complete a short registration document. Your personal tax advisor will then contact you to discuss your requirements and give you access to our online Tax Tracker.®

The Tax Tracker.® is a secure online tool which has been designed to gather all the information we need to prepare your return and advise you on ways to legally reduce your income tax bill.

You can access the Tax Tracker.®, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week meaning that you can provide the information at a time that is convenient to you. Any queries you have during the process will be dealt with within 24 hours with assistance on any technical difficulties available from our online Chat Team.

By using this service you can be sure that your return will be correct and that you will have claimed all the reliefs that are available to you.

We will also calculate your tax payments and contact you with a reminder and instructions when these become due.

The whole process is completely transparent and you will be able to track the progress of your return throughout. If you sign up now we will have your return prepared and advise you of any payments due well in advance of the 31 January filing deadline.

So why wait! Contact us today to find out more.