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Men get 10% more and top €1,000 in tax refunds for first time

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Taxback.com Customer Index Reveals: Under 45s more likely to get what’s owed from the taxman – accounting for 74% of all refunds.

Data from Ireland’s leading tax refund specialist Taxback.com’s latest Customer Index has revealed that when it comes to claiming what’s owed, Ireland’s men under 45 top the poll.

Barry Flanagan, senior tax manager at Taxback.com spoke of the data,

We always like to keep abreast of trends & consumer sentiment in our industry so who better to look to go to for this info than our own customers? With this in mind we ran a 12 month analysis (2016- 2017) of our customers to look at current trends in both the age & gender of claimants.  We found that the under 45s account for a whopping 74% of all refunds, with the 25 – 34 age group emerging as the most likely to apply – accounting for 42% of all applications


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The Taxback.com Customer Index also highlighted that although those in the younger age brackets are better at coming forth to claim refunds & entitlements – it’s the older workers who get more.

Barry continued,

The average refund rises steadily & significantly the older people get. This stands to reason as higher earners pay more tax and so are entitled to greater refunds. It could also be the case that older people have more medical expenses – which is one of the most popular items people can claim for”.


Average refund in Ireland by age group


The average Irish tax refund is €1076.17


So why is it that those over 45 are less likely to apply for a refund when a lot of money stands to be gained?  

According to Barry,

I think that’s something that needs to be worked on –we all have a duty to create greater public awareness around tax refunds. But it’s also up to the individuals themselves to play an active role in ensuring they apply for refunds”.


The Gender Gap

Taxback.com says that the discrepancy between male & female claimants was interesting, with the former making up 57% of all claims. The tax experts say that their data tallies with the latest statistics from the CSO on labour force rates.

Barry explained,

In Ireland, as of Q1 2017, women made up 46% of the workforce in employment – and they make up 43% of our applicants.

Interestingly, the average refund for men was 10% greater than that of their female counterparts (€1028 vs €932).  There could be a variety of reasons for this – the gender pay gap is one that springs to mind. However, the ratio of females to males in part-time work could also come into play. There are currently 307,900 women working part time in Ireland, while there are just 132,700 men in the same position”.


Differences across the land

According to Barry,

When we drilled down further into our data what was interesting were the county-specific differences that emerged.  In Donegal the 25 – 34 age group made up 55% of the applications from that county. In Mayo the 25-34 group were also above average in their refund activity, accounting for  56% of applications.

However, in Kerry just 33% of applications came from the 25 – 39 age group and it was the 35 – 44 grouping that bucked the national average (29%) accounting for 37% of applications from this county”.


At what age are people applying for tax back per county?

-The 45-54 yr old age bracket accounted for just 11% of National Average and 8% of Dublin applications.

-In Cork 16-24 yr olds are a bit behind the national average where this age bracket is 14%, accounting for just 9% of applications there

-We saw that the 35-44 yr olds are a bit more active in Galway, they account for 32% of applications from this county, compared to the national average of 29%

-People in Meath pretty much set the tone with the stats showing they are almost in line with national average for all ages

-In Kildare 45 – 54 yr olds are significantly more active here too with 16% of applications compared to a national average of 11%

-Kilkenny really bucks the trend & doesn’t seem to mirror the national average in any age category under 45:

16 – 24 yr olds are 8% compared to national average of 14%;

25 – 34 yr olds are 33% compared to a national average of 42%;

35 – 44 yr olds are 39% compared to a national average of 29%

-People in Tipperary also don’t appear to stick with the norm – all age categories were out of kilter with the national average:

16 – 24 yr olds are at 6% vs 14% (national average);

25 – 34yr olds are 40% vs 42% (national average);

35 – 44yr olds are 33% vs 29% (national average);

45 – 54yr olds are at 15% vs 11% (national average);

And 55 – 64yr olds are at 6% vs 3% (national average);

-Limerick is under-represented in the 35 – 44 category with 22% vs 29% (national average) but over-represented in 45-54yr old category with 15% vs 11% (national average)

-Wexford appears to be on trend to national averages in all age categories

-In Wicklow, 25 – 34 yr olds account for just 31% compared to national average of 42%, but the 45 – 54s account for double the national average 22% vs 11%

-Waterford’s 45 – 54 year olds appear to be more active than those in the rest of the country - 15% vs 11% (national average)

-In Kerry, only 33% of applications came from those in the 25-34 yr age group, compared to a national average of 42%, but the 35-44s are much more active in this county – 37% v 29% (national average)

-In Clare a lot less young people (16-24s) appear to be claiming tax back - 9% vs 14% (national average) - but the 45-54s are much more active here - 16% vs 11% (national average)

-In Louth, 25-34 yr olds are less active than those in the rest of the country at 33% vs 42% (national average); but the 45-54s in this county pick up the slack - 16% vs 11% (national average)

-Offaly’s 35-44 yr olds are more active with 34% compared to 29% (national average) as are the 55-64 yr olds 6% vs 3% (national average)

-In Cavan not as many 45-54 yr olds claim tax refunds - 8% vs 11% (national average)

-Laois’s 35-44 yr olds are more active when it comes to claiming - 35% vs 29% (national average)

-Carlow is pretty much on trend

-Roscommon 45-54 yr olds are a little more active 15% vs 11%, while the 55-64 are a little less active 1% vs 3%

-Monaghan’s young people are more active  with 16-24 yr olds at 18% vs 14%; much less activity from 35-44 yr olds at 21% vs 29%

-Longford: 25-34yr olds have even greater activity here – they account for half of apps from this county – compared with national average of 42%; 45-54s are also more active at 16% vs 11%

-Sligo – 25-34yr olds are less active here with 21% vs 42%; however 35-44 yr olds pick up the slack 35% vs 29%; so too do the 45-54yr olds 16% vs 11%

-Leitrim 25-34yr olds account for half of their apps – compared to 42% national average; way less people in the 45-54 yr age bracket 3% vs 11%


Could I be owed tax back?

Yes! you coudl be owed tax back fro various reasons, including:

-If you changed jobs

-If you were made redundant

-If you got married 

-If you had medical expenses


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