If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

New Year - New Tax Season in Ireland!


As 2008 came to an end, so too did the Irish tax year so now is the time to beat the credit crunch and get a bit of extra cash by applying for your 2008 Ireland tax refund.

As well as your income tax refund, you can claim all sorts of additional expenses on things like doctors visits, prescriptions, tuition fees, bin and water charges, rent, PRSI and much more.

Check out taxback.com's free tax calculator to see how much money you can get back.

The new tax year unfortunately also means that the new income tax levy imposed by the Irish Goverment to help protect the economy against the global financial crisis will come into effect so you'll probably soon notice a little bit more tax coming out of your pay cheque each month.