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PAYE changes slammed as being a

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As we reported here last week, something which passed a lot of people by on the planned cuts to Child Benefit was the intended implementation of the changes through adjustments to taxpayers' Coding Notices and the PAYE system. We also pointed out that, given the PAYE Chaos of the last three months, this is an unwelcome complication to an already flawed system.

We are not alone in our concern; Ian Liddell-Grainger MP, the Parliamentary All Party Tax Group chairman, has apparently gone on record with the following:

"It'll be a shambles, it'll collapse. What will happen is parents won't get the money they need. Other parents will get money that they don't need. The thing will fall between two stools.

"Everybody will turn round and blame the HMRC as we have just seen in the last few months and we'll have a complete pig's ear."

For a politician to go on the record like this in such a blunt manner is unusual. For a Tory politician to do so in response to a change proposed by a Tory-Lib coalition is extraordinary. Kudos, however, to Mr Liddell-Grainger MP for not pulling his punches. It's likely to be very prescient and, as a Treasury spokesman stated, there is no intention to revise the implementation despite the backlash of criticism.