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Plans to axe UK child benefit

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Alternatively, you could try cutting child benefit. If you've been watching the news, reading a newspaper or have simply been alive and breathing anywhere in the UK, you'll have heard about the furor over David Cameron's plan to cut child benefit for households where one earner is a higher rate tax payer. There is absolutely no doubt that the measure has not really been thought through very well; the wording actually implies that it will be possible for a family with two earners to take home £80,000 and still receive child benefit while a family with one bread winner earning £44,000 will lose it ! Hardly a model of consistency. With stay-at-home mothers and fathers feeling victimised, this was never going to be a policy the Government could sneak in quietly.

Something that has mostly slipped by the mainstream media however, is the proposed process for removing child benefit from higher rate taxpayers. This was recently reported in Accountancy Age:

Child benefit to families with a parent earning over £44,000 annually will be axed from 2013, producing an estimated saving of £1bn a year. However, instead of these payments being stopped, the money will be clawed back through the PAYE and self assessment systems.

?????????? Yep; you read that correctly. With the PAYE system currently under severe pressure, this added complexity is unwelcome and is certainly not going to help resolve the current backlog. Bear in mind that HMRC is currently still under going a cost-cutting exercise and, here is yet another layer of complexity to muddy the waters and stress the system. Things can only get better….. (surely "worse" –Ed)