If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Record Number of US J and F Visas in 2008

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More than three-quarters of a million J and F Visas were issued for the US in 2008 - a record number from previous years. The US Government issued 364, 432 F Visas and 392,089 J Visas last year.

People travelling to the US on J or F Visas are usually on short-term work and travel, student, or internship programmes. Because they're in the US temporarily, many J and F Visa holders overpay tax and are owed big tax refunds - usually at least $800!

The US tax year ended on December 31st so if you're one of the 750,000 J and F Visa holder who went to the US in 2008 use our free J1 tax refund calculator and apply to get a US tax rebate today!