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Revenue Extends Property Tax Deadline


Revenue has announced that the deadline for filing your LPT return has been extended to tonight following a surge in registrations yesterday. Last night, Revenue received a massive number of calls to their helpline and reported an online filing rate of around 10,000 returns per hour. Revenue has said it is happy with the level of engagement they have received regarding the property tax, saying that it is ‘a testament to the strong voluntary compliance culture of the people of Ireland.’

Before the deadline was extended, up to 1.45 million people had already filed their returns on time. In total, LPT letters were sent to around 1.66 million people in Ireland, meaning that there are still and estimated 250,000 people who have yet to file their return. By close of business yesterday, Revenue had only  received 1.265 million returns and estimated that there would be a late rush of over 130,000 filing their return late last night and this morning. Despite the high rate of compliance, the remaining people out of the 250,000 are still campaigning against the tax.

Spokeswoman for the campaign against tax, Ruth Coppinger, yesterday challenged the structures Revenue has put in place to collect the tax in the case of non compliance, saying that ‘people can and will choose to take part in a boycott as a way of exerting political pressure on the Government’. She further added that she expects ‘hundreds of thousands’ to partake in the boycott. Revenue has repeatedly reiterated that in such cases, the tax will be automatically deducted from individual’s bank accounts, state pensions or social welfare payments, with self assessed tax payers being targeted from October.

The coming days will reveal how many of those who complied with the LPT filing request submitted an ‘honest self assessment valuation’ on their property, as was requested by Revenue. The number of people who complied with this request will not only determine whether or not the €250 million required from the tax this year will be collected, but will also determine the extent to which any shortfall will be attributed to tax evasion or flaws within Revenue’s database on property and its owners.

If you’re still confused about your LPT liability and how to pay it, you can read about ways to pay here or visit our LPT page. The Revenue helpline – 1890 200 255 – is still open as is the revenue.ie website, where you can register for the LPT.