If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Super by name, super by nature!

For us, no conversation about working in Australia is complete without the mention of superannuation refunds. It never fails to surprise us how many people are unaware of the potential goldmine that they could be sitting on. When we ask people who have worked in Oz if they’ve claimed back their super refunds or not, we’re often greeted with blank faces. We’re therefore on a mission to get this money refunded to people as quickly as we can.

So what’s the deal with superannuation refunds? Put simply, the employer of anyone earning over $450 a week in Australia, is legally obliged to pay 9% of their wages into a superannuation fund. The Australian Government seems to be a pretty organised crew and so they introduced superannuation refunds as a compulsory way of saving for retirement. Depending on how long you were working Down Under for and how much you were earning, you could be eligible for quite a handsome windfall.

Some people aren’t aware of this contribution that’s being made on their behalf as not all Aussie payslips include this information. Others, however, display the amount and the super provider. There are loads of different superannuation providers in Australia. Some people choose their own super provider but often companies will have selected a designated super fund that the contributions of all their employees are paid into.

So how do you know if you’re due money back or not? Well, the chances are you are due a superannuation refund and thankfully you don’t need to wait until you’re in your mid 60s to claim it. Once you’ve left Australia and your visa has expired, you’re eligible to claim this back.

People often think that they worked in Oz far too long ago to be able to claim this back. However, that’s another thing we need to put you straight on as you can go back as 1994 to claim back your super refund. 1994 seems a long time ago particularly when you realise that this was the year that Pulp Fiction was released.

So how do you claim back this potentially lovely lump sum? Well, that’s where we come in. We make it our business to claim back this money as quickly and painlessly as possible. It’s all rather rewarding especially when someone really hits the jackpot. We recently got back as superannuation refund of $100,000. Yes, a six figure sum. Super refund amounts really do span a broad spectrum but generally are around the $3-4k mark.

Not a bad little cash injection when the memories of Bondi Beach have faded as quickly as your tan.

The first thing we’ll do is to find out which superannuation fund your employer has paid into on your behalf. If you’re a working holidaymaker or temporary visa holders you may have had several jobs so we might have to apply from a few different super providers.

Fear not, though, this is the kind of groundwork that we excel in and we can even track down documents have you mislaid years ago. Check out our super page here where you can apply for your refund now.