If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Superannuation for working holiday makers

Australian superannuation is designed to help retirees maintain a better lifestyle when they finish work. It is not a pension, but rather a supplement to the pension. Super contributions are paid by the employer and are currently 9% of the total earnings.

If you're a working holiday maker, it may not make much sense for you to pay those contributions since you are unlikely to retire in Australia; however there is no exemption to super payments. Once you start working, your employer is obliged to pay into an eligible superannuation fund on your behalf if you earn more than AU$450 per month.

 When you leave Australia permanently you are entitled to claim your superannuation back, less 30% tax. This means if you earned a total of AU$7000, you can have AU$440 back. The only conditions for you to meet are:

  • that you have left Australia permanently
  • that your working holiday visa has expired or been canceled
  • Reclaim your super here