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What’s on in Sydney and Melbourne - March 2015

With the buzz of the sunny season over we are looking for something to entertain us for the merry month of March.

Mosman annual dip in the ocean

If you want to start your March with a bit of a cool awakening look no further than Mosman. Located 8km North East from Sydney’s CBD they host an annual ‘dip’ in the ocean – SKINNY DIP that is. It will be hosted on the 1st of March, but just to note thewre will be no ‘bird-watching’ permitted this day and tickets for entry must be purchased To book yourself a coveted ticket to the main event simply click here

Mardi Gras

Next up on our busy calender if your lucky to be located in Sydney, March is the Mardi Gras season.  This is a festival dedicated to the gay and lesbian community and Sydney has a show to stop the city.

With many events occurring the first week in March – Check it out or you would be a foll to miss the main event. Saturday the 7th of March get yourself into the city for the vibrant, exuberant, glitter sequenced parade. Why not even volunteer. With 10,000’s of people roaming Oxford street and the parade organisers hoping for 2,000 volunteers why not sign up to be right in the middle of the spectacle that is MARDI GRAS.

Even ANZ are joining in on the fun!

Grand Prix

Next up on the March calendar is the Australian Grand Prix. If you are an avid Formula 1 fan (or not) there is nothing better than to pop along to the Grand Prix. Although it is not held in Sydney it is worth the trip to Melbourne. This year it will be held from the 12th to 15th of March in Albert Park. It is a fantastic experience and tickets go on sale for all budgets. So have a look online and why not plan to have the ‘rush’ of your life and “Be there as the world watches Melbourne

When the speed from the Grand Prix wears off why not take a relaxing journey down the Great Ocean Road – a must do for any backpacker in Australia. Just hop in your car/campervan etc and experiencing what views and scenery true Australia has to offer!

The average tax refund Down Under is AU$2600


St Patricks Day 

Then the pinnacle event for month of March is down to ‘The luck of the Irish’.

St Patricks Day is celebrated each year on the 17th of March. Based on a folklore story Patrick was the man of the moment in Ireland when he chased all the snakes out of the little Emerald Isle – perhaps he sent them to Australia?

This is a worldwide event each year and there are parades held all over Australia for the occasion. The main parade in Australia is held in Sydney and this year is no different with a jam packed parade and events organised for the weekend of the 14th March to the 17th March with the main parade on the Sunday the 15th of March. So wherever you are this St Patrick’s Day find your self something green, find yourself a wee Irish pub and have the craic (as the Irish say) A day of laughter, fun and amusement is what you can look forward to J If you can understand the Irish why not have a conversation with them – Here’s a few wee(little) words to get you started

  • "Em" - This is generally used by the Irish instead of "um" or "uh" while pausing to think. This is definitely one of the most commonly used noises. Remember this one.
  • "Cheers" - Although this is a drinking toast it is also an aloha-like multi-purpose word that can mean hello, goodbye and thank you.
  • "Lad" - this means any male and when pluralized means any group of females or males.
  • "C'mere" - literally this means "come here" but it also means "listen" and just a friendly "hey." It can be used to get someone's attention or just start a sentence.
  • "Right" - This is another multi-purpose word. Used like C'mere. For example "Right, yours was a pint?", "Right, I'm off home."
  • "Bollocks" - this literally means testicles but has become a word with which to express anger. For example, if you missed your train you might exclaim "Bollocks!" It can also mean rubbish. For example, "That lad is talking utter bollocks."
  • "Eejit" - Idiot, but harsher.
  • "Knacker" - This can be used to describe an undesirable person, or being exhausted. For example "Jaysus look at that knacker" or "I'm bleeding knackered, I need a kip."


And if you really want to tone up your Irish have a look at the following skit. Perhaps we should just let the Irish have their own little language!


Cricket World Cup

Next Up for March is the Cricket World Cup. Beginning in February this will finish up at the end of March.. With many of the matches being held at the Sydney Cricket ground why not bag yourself some tickets and be a part of the action. With teams from all over the World competing it is a once in a life time opportunity to get involved.

The teams will be:

Where do your loyalties lie? Pick a team to support and be ready to be ‘bowled’ over.

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