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High earners in the UK taxed more?

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Recent survey shows majority of Britons want high earners to pay more tax and contribute more to society expenses. This attitude has grown for bankers in particular, who are largely seen as directly responsible for the credit crunch.

Louise Bamfield, senior research fellow at the Fabian Society, says: "There is a shift to a new group of people - bankers and traders - and the sense that not only have they been paid too much but what they have been paid has had a direct negative consequence on other people. People had assumed that this group were more than competent and it must have been deserved. There is now a feeling that these people have been responsible for others losing their jobs."

The findings may encourage the parliament to adjust tax rates in favor of modest earners. If changes are made to the suggested 45% in the top tax rate, Britain may see the highest tax rate since 1988.