If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Tax + Love = Dream Match Calculator!


Cupid and tax aren’t two things that would normally be paired but since there’s no escaping Valentine’s Day, we put our heads together to see how we might possibly connect them.

Most people who aren’t in a relationship lament the fact that they’re single around this time of year so we decided to make something more all-inclusive - something that both couples and single folk can use and enjoy. We’re therefore delighted to unveil the taxback.com Dream Matchmaking Calculator.

This ingenious cyber tool will capture information such as your star sign and date of birth and where you live and promptly tell you who your dream match is. This can potentially make your search for love much more straightforward as in some cases this clever calculator will even give you an idea of the type of establishment where you’re likely to meet your future Romeo or Juliet.

It’s as appealing to the mercenaries as it is to the romantics as it also gives you a guide as to the salary bracket of your potential beloved as well as a sly insight into the tax refund he or she recently got.

Whatever your view on Valentines Day, it’s a good time to apply for your 2011 Irish tax refund. Whether or not you choose to spend your windfall on your next date is entirely up to you.