If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Tax Returns in Relation to Foreign Rental Income

Do you have rental income from a property abroad?

If you are receiving rental income from a property you own overseas, you have a tax obligation in the foreign country where the property is located. If you are resident in Ireland or the UK you have an obligation to declare this income as 'Worldwide Income' in your annual tax return.

If you are receiving rental income from a property you own overseas and you file a tax return in that country you should not pay tax twice on the same income provided that there is a Double Tax Treaty in operation which covers the taxation of income.


Property Tax International can help!

Tax can be complicated at the best of times, but when you have to navigate tax obligations in a new language it can be almost impossible to figure out! Instead of handing over large amounts of money to an accountant, you can use Property Tax International as a cost effective solution to process your tax return.

Property Tax International (PTI) is part of The Taxback Group and offers investors a comprehensive worldwide tax return service ensuring you are tax compliant in each of the resident and non-resident tax jurisdictions affected by your overseas property.


PTI offers: 

  • Resident Tax Returns
  • Non-Resident Tax Returns
  • Property Tax Return Services
  • Tax ID Registration
  • Assistance with Tax Payments


Tax return services are provided for the following countries: Poland, Spain, Hungarian, Ireland, UK, Germany, US, France.

You can register here now for more details or to get started.

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