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Taxback.com enters South America

Taxback.com is continuing its global expansion with the opening of a new office in Lima, Peru. The South American office is the latest exciting venture in Taxback.com's ongoing commitment to providing leading tax return services around the world.

The Dublin-based company has offices in over 20 countries and the Peruvian services will add South American Spanish to the many languages Taxback.com already offers. A major part of the new office's work will be providing fast, expert tax refunds to the thousands of South American college students who travel to the US for work.

Fermin Torrejon, the new manager at Taxback.com Peru, says the Peruvian economy is continuously growing and every day more foreign companies are looking to introduce new products and services. “Having worked in a couple of major local universities, I am aware of the ever-growing demand for Peruvian and Latin-American college students to work in the US on their summer vacations,” Torrejon says. “Opening up an office in Lima is a great decision to better fulfil the needs of these students and let them know of their right to claim tax reimbursements.” “I am proud to be a part of the Taxback.com Peru team and look forward to helping taxback.com continue as the leader in worldwide tax processing. Our team is ready to attend all South American clients as efficiently as possible.”

Project Manager Kieran Farrell says the new office will improve the services taxback.com has already been providing in Spanish to its many Peruvian customers for seven years. “Now that we have the base here on the ground, we will have more resources available and they will be able to service our Taxback.com clients through South American Spanish,” Farrell says. “I worked previously in Peru for over four years and know how friendly and welcoming the people are. I am pleased now to have facilitated the extension of this great welcome to our taxback.com clients.”

Taxback.com Peru customer Oscar Gomez Talledo Cevallos said the office is a great help for people wanting to claim tax rebates. “They can organise document retrieval and explain step by step how to get things done,” he says. The new office is at Av.Rivera Navarrete 765, Piso 10, Oficina 102, San Isidro, and is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

If you are interested in becoming a partner with Taxback.com in South America or any of our international locations please send an email to partners@taxback.com.

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