If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

Taxback.com is hitting the road Down Under

The end of the Australian tax year is fast approaching or as it’s called on the ground EOFY (End of Financial Year). If you’re Down Under at the moment, it’s likely that this term will be burnt into your brain over the coming weeks as all types of inane advertising reaches fever pitch. Here’s a taster of a typical EOFY jingle.

Despite the annoying adverts, this is the time of year that is welcomed by most working holidaymakers as it tends to mean TAX REFUNDS – aka a nice little windfall in your pocket.

Along with this being the season to get some of your hard-earned cash refunded, it’s also prime time for working holidaymakers to move northwards to chase the sun or indeed south and west in pursuit of regional work to secure their second year visa.

Most of the regions that people are working in are pretty remote and in some cases coverage and internet are not always available. We’re a thoughtful bunch and so we’re getting on the road to visit you and get your tax refund sorted!

We have three road trips planned to cover some of the key working holidaymaker areas over the coming weeks. Below is a summary of where we will be covering and the members of the Taxback.com Team that you should look out for.

Airlie to Port Douglas

Kelly and Daisy, two legends of the Taxback.com family will be heading out from Airlie Beach on Thursday 4th June and heading all the way up to Port Douglas where they are due to arrive on 13th June.

Between the two locations they will be stopping in all of the following areas along the way: Bowen, Ayr, Townsville, Tully, Mission Beach, Innisfail and Port Douglas.

These girls are always up for a chat so they’re looking forward to meeting travellers and hearing all about their Aussie adventures. Be sure to watch out for them and, who knows, they might even have a few prizes to give out along the way.


Our Melbourne boys, Andrew and Brendan, are heading for Mildura on 26th June and will be hanging out there for the weekend. They’ll return to Melbourne on the evening of the 28th June.

They plan to pop into most of the hostels in the area during this time and have a couple of events lined up in some hostels already. They’ll be only too delighted to chat to as many people as possible to help them all get an injection of funds for a nice treat after they hit the 88-day target!


Sergio, our Italian legend from the Darwin Helpdesk, will be heading off on the Greyhound to revisit the town where he himself completed his regional work last year.

Sergio will be in Kununurra the week starting 15th June and will visit all the hostels and caravan parks in the area. Watch out for this man and he will be able to help you with all your tax queries on the spot!

To know exactly where these guys and gals are, keep an eye on our Facebook page as we’ll be posting updates and photos here. Alternatively, give us a call on free phone 1800 674 014 if you are in one of these regions and want to know when one of the team will be able to help you.

Happy EOFY!

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