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Ever curious about How Thanksgiving Began?

Thanksgiving dates all the way back to 1621 when a group of English Protestants settled in the area known today as South Eastern Massachusetts. The Native Americans shared their deep knowledge of the land and helped them plant crops and fish.

To give thanks, the English and Native Americans came together for a harvest celebration. It's probably more likely that they feasted on deer and seafood rather than turkey but the spirit of giving thanks for the blessings received has lasted to this day.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a US tax refund

Getting your tax back would give you even more reason to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. We provide US tax refunds for thousands of J1 students and working holidaymakers every year. The average US tax refund is $800.

What better way to remind yourself of the fabulous time you had in the US than by applying for your US tax refund?

Our gift to you is a free US tax refund estimation so get it today. Whether you spend your tax refund on turkey or not is up to you...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a US tax refund


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