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A Tomato Throwing and Beer Drinking day in Australia?

Have you ever heard of La Tomatina in Spain? It's a huge tomato-based food fight that brings people to Spain from all over the world. This brilliantly messy mayhem was the inspiration behind Tomato Battle, Australia.


The Tomato Battle is coming to Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne on 28th February 2015 and the organisers will also be announcing a date for Sydney soon.

The festival is said to be a mixture of Oktoberfest and La Tomatina in Spain. Beer drinking and throwing tomatoes at people? Sure what else would you want to have a great time?

The Tomato Battle in Melbourne will cater for thousands of people who want to throw tomatoes, dance and enjoy a few drinks. The event will kick off at 12 noon and will go on past 7pm with the beats pumping and beers still flowing.

Organisers recommend taking a spare change of clothes and if you're concerned about wasting food, don't worry as the tomatoes used can't be sold as they're non edible tomatoes that have been earmarked for disposal.


With everything there must be rules....

Participants must sign a form when they're registering agreeing not to throw glass bottles or any other objects that could cause injuries. Also, organisers have made the rule that you have to crush the tomato before throwing it. This will stop the tomato hurting anyone but just adds to the fun.

Will we see you there for some tomato throwing? If it sounds like it's right up your street, you can buy tickets here. Tickets are priced at $59 but there’s a discount for backpackers – read on.

The average tax refund Down Under is AU$2600


Discount for all Backpackers

The organisers of Tomato Battle have been ever so nice and have given backpackers a 20% discount off the price of the tickets.

When you are taken to the check-out it will give you the option to put in a promo/coupon code. To redeem this discount you must put in the following code: HOSTEL BATTLE

Hurry up and buy your tickets as they’re selling out fast! See you on the day.

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