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Top Tax Refunds for Teachers (Infographic)

Are you a teacher in Ireland? Get educated on the top teacher tax refunds!

If you’re a teacher in Ireland, you could be entitled to claim hundreds in flat rate expenses each year. A high percentage of the 60,000 full and part-time teachers in Ireland leave hundreds and sometimes thousands of euro unclaimed-don't be one of them, make sure you get your tax back!

If you’re a teacher you could be due back as much as €608 in flat rate expenses alone. At Taxback.com, we’ve helped thousands of teachers get tax refunds over the years ranging from a few hundred to just over €10,000.

Check out our infographic on the top teacher tax refunds and 5 common reasons for refunds below:

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5 common reasons for tax refunds for teachers:

 1. Flat Rate Expenses

Whether you’re a full or part-time teacher in Ireland, you should take full advantage of flat rate expenses, which can be up to €608 per year, depending on your role. For example, if you register with the Teacher’s Council of Ireland, an extra €65 per year is available as a tax credit for paying the registration fee.

Full-time teachers who do PE as fully qualified instructors but who mainly teach general subjects are also entitled to an extra deduction of €126.

2. Health Expenses

You could claim relief on certain (non-routine) dental and un-reimbursed medical expenses you pay for yourself or on someone else’s behalf-so keep those receipts!

Keep records of all your GP visits and prescriptions because you can claim 20% tax relief on medical expenses. This might not sound like a lot but for every €50 GP visit, you could get €10 back.

3. Married Tax Credit

Getting hitched? You could benefit by sharing tax credits with your new spouse / civil partner. Being jointly assessed with your partner could even result in a tax refund from the date of marriage. You should inform Revenue as soon as possible of the date that you register your marriage or civil partnership.

4. Tuition Fees

Thinking of upskilling? Maybe you have children with third level college fees. You may be able to get tax relief on fees up to €7,000 for certain courses. You can claim a refund only if you paid the fees for yourself or on someone else’s behalf.

5. Income Protection Insurance

Sometimes called disability or permanent health insurance (phi), income protection insurance gives you a regular income if you can’t work due to illness or disability and it qualifies for tax relief.

For example, if you pay €1,000 a year into an Income Protection policy and pay income tax at 40% on any part of your income, you should get tax relief of €400.

If your employer facilitates your payment through payroll then they will make the payments before tax is deducted. If you pay it yourself, you should get a statement from your insurance provider and send it in with your tax return.

The average Irish tax refund is €1076.17

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Other reliefs you may be entitled to include rent relief for your rental accommodation and split year relief if you left or arrived in Ireland during the tax year. To find out if you can claim a refund you can email info@taxback.com or get a free estimate of your refund using our online tax calculator here.

Remember, you can go back four years to claim a refund, so don’t miss the boat and make sure you claim any refunds from 2012 before the deadline in December!

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