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A Backpackers Guide to the top 10 Beaches in and around Sydney

So now your way has led you to Sydney: one of the most beloved cities on the world! Sydney is rich in culture and social events and yet its greatest magic comes with its idyllic beaches. Here is our selection for the top 10 beaches in and around Sydney.

1. Gordon’s Bay

This has to be one of the most secluded and serene beaches within Sydney. This beach is South of Clovelly Beach and North of Coogee. To access this hot spot you find yourself climbing over some rocks and pathways which lead you into an adventure itself making you feel you are in total paradise lost on a island.  Perfectly ideal if you happen to partake in the Bondi to Coogee walk and fancy a place to bake in the sun or even snorkel between the clear reefs of Gordon’s bay where you may encounter many sea creatures.

2. Collins Flat Beach

I love to call this beach the 'Hidden secret of Manly'. This beach is hidden between North Head and Little Manly Cove. You can walk to this breathtaking spot which may take you a 20-minute uphill stroll from Manly but as you can see it is totally worth the sweat and tears!! A perfect crystal clear heaven that not many people attend. So quiet and with just little ripples of waves hitting your feet as you enter the calm seas for a swim. It’s almost to relaxing to just bathe in the sound of peacefulness and cockatoo’s.

3. Freshwater Beach

 Freshwater Beach is just around the corner from Manly and just around the headland of Curly beach also known as ‘Curl Curl. Many Ozzie’s and myself know this beach as ‘Freshie’. It’s a more family friendly beach than others not to overcrowding as well as breathtaking. A little fun fact about Freshwater is that Surfing was first introduced to Australia at this very beach! If you’re not that keen of a swimmer like myself or just don’t want to face possible lurking creatures in the open sea they have an amazing ocean pool to keep you cooled off, I mean just try taking your eyes of that postcard aqua water!!

4. Manly Beach

Love this 1.5km stretch of Paradise!

Many tourists flock to Bondi Beach as it’s well known and heard of but this tops that for me. I was lucky enough to have an apartment just foot step’s away from this playground of fun! I guess it wasn’t just the beach that had my heart it was Manly itself a new place I called home being what felt a million miles away from the UK.It has a lovely shopping area and full of highly recommended Restaurants within the ‘Corso’. Also easy to get too whether it may be via bus, or the Ferry in which you will come in to Manly Wharf.

5. Hyam’s Beach – Jervis Bay

One word –Paradise!
As I am living within Pyrmont, Sydney it took 2.5 hours to get here by car. Hyam’s beach is at Jervis bay, the south coast of NSW.

The moment I stepped on to this beach I could not believe I had never been here before knowing it was so close to Sydney!! Famously known for its pristine white sands and Crystal clear waters I was just taken aback. Perfect temperatures to swim, or paddle board whilst I was here I even saw a few baby stingrays that children were in oar with.

So worth the drive – Jervis bay is actually a perfect place to set up camp or go to for the perfect weekend getaway.


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6. Palm Beach

palm beach Sydney Australia with steps in the sand

Yes! The one from the television series ‘Home & Away’.

Whether it’s a hot summers day or a rainy storm passing through this beach has to be a favorite of mine to go and visit. It’s ideal for a relaxed swim and just enough waves to catch surf.

There’s also an amazing scenic walk to complete here called the Barrenjoey Lighthouse walk which will take you from the sandy beach up through the bushes to the open view of  ‘Perfection’. It’s a little far out from the Sydney City centre yet I must says it’s totally worth the journey! 

7. Bondi Beach

Bondi beach has to be one of most popular and well known beaches within Sydney, NSW.

Known for its iconic Bondi Rescue television programme. This place is always busy, fun and full of Backpackers taking over the long stretched beach. Not just a place to go and take in the sun or beautiful scenery but entertainment! From your 5 star restaurants to shopping, nightlife and fish and chip shop’s. Let’s just say it’s a bit like home but with the sun all year round you’ll never want to leave.

8. Coogee Beach

Coo - geeeeeeeeeeeee!!

The perfect place to refresh yourself and mind and possibly relax, but how can you with amazing views! I personally love this beach it’s both a family/tourist beach and on certain holidays it holds festivals to sports games on the big screen on the field. The Coogee to Bondi walk is somehow one of the best things you can do to either take in the scenery, walk off a stinking hangover or just even burn those calories ! You even get to see secluded beaches you never even knew about like my top listed here ‘Gordons Bay’ and others too.

9. Balmoral Beach

Balmoral Beach is one of the prettiest beaches I’ve been to on the northern beaches.

It has a laidback and relaxing vibe about it. Everyone including the sea just seems to calm. Located in the suburb of Mosman and close to Taronga Zoo and easy to get too. Also there isn’t any surf so there is no chance of getting knocked down by a surfboard or taken aback by high waves. Such a beautiful North Shore beach.

Definitely one to put on your bucket list.

10. Nielsen’s Park

Nielsen's park Australia Sydney beach sunbathingNielsen’s Park also known as ‘Shark Beach’ is located at Vaucluse in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. I find this place ideal for a chilled out place for a swim in the sea, picnics on the beach or a relaxing walk. Funny thing is most locals don’t even know of this place so it hardly gets over crowded.

This place usually gets a few degrees warmer than the ocean bays to which is a plus for all the backpacker’s out there wanting a good tan !!  

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