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Touring in a TeePee!

Living somewhere as vibrant and alive as Melbourne is great but sometimes it’s good to leave the hustle and bustle of the big city behind and escape to more tranquil surroundings.

This weekend I was lucky enough to have Andrew and Adam, the lovely lads from Teepee Tours, take me along on their 2 day Great Ocean Road tour-Yay! My much needed escape from the city-and what an escape it was!


Day 1

I was greeted by the guys and two of Adam’s 4 legged friends Riley and Jacko (well behaved, cuddly, and friendly Border Collies). And then the fun began! The renowned surfer’s beach, Bells Beach, was the first stop on the tour. You can simply lay back on the sand and take in the sights or step into a ‘fantastically attractive’ wetsuit and plunge into the sea for a 2 hour surf lesson. I would highly recommend it!

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Even if you think surfing might not be for you, it’s worth a try! I spent most of my time falling off the board, swallowing seawater, and making a complete fool of myself – and I loved it! Oh, and they take pictures for you so no excuse for anyone to stay out as photographer.


Next up-some Australian wildlife! I got to see the snoozing koalas and feed the parrots, who were happy to pose for selfies on arms, shoulders or heads!


Then it was time to chill at the lookout with a cold beer or two. After this we retired to our accommodation-a very comfortable TeePee. After burgers on the BBQ, we hung out in the comfort of our TeePee for a bit then headed to the local pub with the lads for some live music, pool, and an all-round good night!


Day 2

Because these guys are so understanding..there are no 6am wake-up calls to get up and out! Instead you can rest up until an acceptable hour. Then it’s up for brekkie before setting off to see some very large wild kangaroos. Next on the agenda were the amazing 12 Apostles. Your heads will NOT be filled with all the facts that Google can provide. Instead, Andrew and Adam will make your sides hurt from their stories.

They had me wishing that all tour guides would put on comical accents to make learning more exciting. It’s certainly a refreshing change from the ‘did you know?’ kind of tour.

Off to the final stop with fish and chips on the way to Loch Ard Gorge, the perfect place for a true backpacker style hangout on the beach with friends, beer and music. As fellow backpackers, you all know ‘there’s always one guy with a guitar!’ But luckily, on this tour, Andrew is very talented and enjoys a jam with his new mates. So after an epic weekend with TeePee tours you will have fantastic memories and a new playlist created by your group that Andrew uploads for all to share!

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If that was the end it would still be the best weekend, but no, there is more! Head home for a shower then let the lads show you a cool bar or two after for drinks and some live music (maybe Andrew will play a set if you’re lucky). We went to Baxter’s Lot in Fitzroy – a small but great venue! So, pop in if you are in the area for a very warm welcome from Jess, the bubbliest bartender ever!

I couldn’t recommend this tour more highly. If you’re looking to have fun and don’t want the normal regimented tour and if you want to try living in a TeePee and have an absolute blast – book up without a doubt!

Thanks TeePee tours! Riley, thank you for keeping my feet toasty warm in the TeePee and for all of the welcome snuggles!

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I started working for Taxback.com in Sydney from October 2014 . This job has allowed me to have a wealth of new experiences, meet new people, and travel. I’m very lucky to be working now in Melbourne, an amazingly exciting and energetic city!

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