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How has UK Budget 2011 affected you?

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So the UK 2011 Budget is done and dusted. British Chancellor George Osborne billed this as the ‘Budget for Growth’ but that remains to be seen.

Thankfully, this was a more straightforward Budget than some of the previous Labour Budgets which would've needed a maths degree to make sense of.

Fuel has been cut by 1p per litre, a drop in the ocean compared to the hikes over the last year but any reduction, no matter how small, is better than a hike.

There was also good news for those who use their car for business travel, with an increase in the tax-free mileage rates from 40p to 45p per mile.

An extra 4p has been added to beer and a 15p hike to a bottle of wine - wonder if this will deter anyone from hitting the pub this weekend?

We’ll be spending this evening trawling through the supporting documents and fine print -  lucky us! We’ll being you a full commentary of those Budget 2011 measures that are likely affect you.