If you worked in any of these countries, you could be due a Tax Refund

US tax return deadline

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The April 15 deadline for US tax returns is coming faster than you may think, so if you've worked in the USA it's about time you started to organize your tax return.

First off, your employer will mail you your W2 form, which has all of your earnings and deductions for 2008. By law, employers are obliged to send W2 summaries by the end of January. If you live outside the USA, make sure you update your US employers with your current address.

If you have any trouble getting your W2, you can still file your tax return using your final payslip.

Even once you've got all the required documentation, tax returns are still a complex matter that require attention and expertise. It's best to seek professional help to minimize your tax liabilities and maximize any US tax refund you may be due. Find out what taxback.com can do for you.