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Win prizes with Taxback.com’s ‘Tell a Friend’ programme

If you've filed your tax return with us, then you’ll know how quick and simple it is. We always suggest you recommend us to any of your friends who also need to file a tax return, but did you know you can win prizes for doing so? Thanks to our ‘Tell a Friend’ programme, if you have a friend who needs to file a tax return, you can help them out by telling them about us and win prizes for yourself. For every friend of yours   who is due a tax refund and applies with taxback.com  you get a cash reward .We’ll also enter you into our three monthly prize draws to win extra prizes. Our most recent winner from the ‘Tell a Friend’ programme was My Tran who applied to taxback.com for aUStax refund. We were more than happy to help her get her refund and even happier when she told us we could also help her friend Phuong Hoang. Once she told her friend about us, we got started on her tax return right away and entered My Tran into our spring prize draw, where she managed to win a free tax refund for herself and her friend. Every prize draw has different prizes; three months ago a customer was able to win a FREE tax refund for her friend through our programme, and in the draw before that our winner managed to double her refund after winning in the prize draw. Not only that, but if you introduce more friends to us, you could get extra benefits, such as receiving a ‘Tell a Friend’ agent certificate, which allows you to help your friends through the tax process and earn some extra commission for yourself in the process. There are no hidden charges or fees, just great prizes to be won, so what are you waiting for; get started now! All you have to do to sign up and be in with the chance of winning amazing prizes is;
  1. Register online
  2. A member of our team with contact you with details
  3. You start signing up your friends
  4. We start entering you into prize draws
Have a friend you want to recommend to us? Register their details here! For more information on the ‘Tell a Friend’ programme check out our website or look and see what our other customers have to say.