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Calculateur de remboursement de taxes aux Royaume-Uni

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Notre calculateur d'impôt du Royaume-Uni fournit une estimation sur-le-champ du remboursement d'impôt. Vous saisissez simplement les informations nécessaires, vous patientez quelques secondes, puis votre estimation du remboursement d'impôt s'affichera à l'écran.

Beaucoup de personnes ne sont pas sûres si elles ont droit à un remboursement d'impôt du Royaume-Uni, donc c'est un outil très utile. De plus, il n'y a aucune obligation d'utilisation, donc vous pouvez apprendre combien il vous est dû et décider par la suite si vous voulez continuer ou pas.

Cela ne prend que 2 minutes à utiliser et peut vous amener à récupérer un montant significatif de remboursement d'impôt. Essayez le calculateur de remboursement d'impôt du Royaume-Uni dès aujourd'hui !

Choses utiles concernant le calculateur d'impôt du Royaume-Uni

  • C'est GRATUIT d'utiliser le calculateur d'impôt du Royaume-Uni
  • Utilisation facile, étape par étape
  • Calcul instantané du remboursement d'impôt
  • Envoie le calcul de remboursement à votre adresse de courrier électronique
  • Adapté aux travailleurs temporaires et étrangers au Royaume-Uni

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  • Customer Avatar
    straight forward and very efficent service

    12 March 2018

  • Customer Avatar
    Easy and very efficient. I went to ask about the status of my refund (Tax and superannuation) on the live chat many times and people were extremely quick, efficient and nice.They were always sending me updateds about everything. Reminding me about forgotten documents, answering to every of my question and quickly replying to my emails. So much patience and help. The process went smoothly.

    09 March 2018

  • Customer Avatar
    It was great to get my tax return alot of people don't realise that they could get money back I'm so glad I did

    08 March 2018

  • Customer Avatar
    The service was great overall. All of the agents who contacted me were really helpful. Thanks to Ceylan, Emel and Aleksandr for their good manners and helpful approach.

    05 March 2018

  • Customer Avatar
    If you need any help be it by email or phone always got a rely.

    01 March 2018

  • Customer Avatar
    Big thanks to Shane Finn to called me anytime I had questions and was very helpful

    01 March 2018

  • Customer Avatar
    Very responsive to my emails and questions. My online tracker login never worked, however, I never needed to use it. Good value for money and happy with the service. I did have a lot of forms to fill out but work it in the end when you get your money back

    28 February 2018

  • Customer Avatar
    its friendly and fast

    27 February 2018

  • Customer Avatar
    Helpful...profesional..and vrey friendly

    27 February 2018

  • Customer Avatar
    My agent, Romulo Albares, was very patient and professional throughout the whole process. I'm not a tax expert and I had already come back to Brazil after living in the US for a year, so getting straight with the IRS was a big concern of mine. On top of getting straight with the IRS, so I don't have problems with the US Government, I got a good tax return money, which is very nice.

    26 February 2018

  • Customer Avatar
    Friendly people dealing with my refund.

    24 February 2018

  • Customer Avatar
    I really liked the service. Good job guys!

    23 February 2018

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