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Our tax stories are frequently in the press and we’re often invited to comment on topical tax issues. We generate news coverage both in Ireland and
overseas. This year our coverage has spanned a wide range of stories including: Australian Income Tax and Superannuation Refunds, the Local Property Tax in Ireland, CSR activity we carried out and our Irish tax return service.

Below you can see the stories that generated headlines over the last couple of months.

Press Clippings

6 in 10 remote workers think employers providing sufficient supports

...part of's Taxpayer Sentiment Survey Series has found. Some 60% of respondents said they believe their employers are doing enough to support... the more intangible, emotionally intelligent supports are also especially important,' consumer tax manager Marian Ryan said. 'It's so...
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19 April 2021 -

Remote workers feel the pinch with inadequate tax relief system

...welcomed in all quarters. Marian Ryan, consumer tax manager with, says that the current working from home tax allowances and rebates were to... primary findings of another survey.  The research, which polled 3,200 taxpayers, found that the biggest reason for not submitting a claim...
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17 April 2021 -

73% of homeowners want to see the reintroduction of the Home Renovation Initiative |

...everyone making improvements on their home. The survey, conducted by tax refund specialist, revealed that there would be widespread...
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14 April 2021 -

Research finds Irish people avoid tax refund over fears they owe Revenue |

...research by, the biggest reason people decided to not claim tax back was due to the fact that they felt they weren't entitled to anything. The.... Advertisement The poll surveyed over 3,200 adults. Marian Ryan of said, "Not enough people claim their tax back, this is something we know already...
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06 April 2021 -

Staggering amount of Irish people don't claim tax refunds over fears they owe Revenue money for the study - with 48% admitting they did not try to get their tax back over fears of a Revenue bill. Marian Ryan of... said "Not enough people claim their tax back – this is something we know already but is supported by the results of this survey. "Many people say...
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06 April 2021 -

Many afraid to seek tax refund in case they owe Revenue money Another main reason for or not submitting a claim was the fact that people simply didn't think they' would be entitled to anything. Some 20pc said... they thought the process would be too complicated or time consuming, according to the research from over 3,200 taxpayers from's nationwide...
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06 April 2021 -

Taxpayers too afraid to claim a refund over fears they owe the Revenue money

...complicated or time-consuming. However, almost half (48%) of respondents to the Taxpayer Sentiment Survey said they fear that by... is something we know already but is supported by the results of this survey," Marian Ryan, Consumer Tax Manager at said. "Many people say...
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06 April 2021 -

James Walsh of Evergreen FC on plans for a second Astro pitch for the city club

...It's been a hectic week for everyone at Evergreen. With the shock news this week that owner Terry Clune will be supporting the club...
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03 April 2021 -

What Ireland’s rural development plans could mean for remote working

...both employers and employees working remotely in Budget 2022. Marian Ryan, consumer tax manager at, said that waiting until October to...
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30 March 2021 -

66% of taxpayers fail to claim tax reliefs and refunds

...the latest Taxpayer Sentiment Survey Series 2021. The research from more than 3,200 taxpayers from's nationwide database..., Consumer Tax Manager at commented on the findings: "Not enough people claim their tax back – this is something we know already but is...
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29 March 2021 -

Pink Tax, Gender Based Pricing Discrimination

...actually not tax in the actual meaning or a literal tax. Citing, there is a misunderstanding that frequently occurs when talking about the...
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27 March 2021 -

Building a multi-million euro business in Mayo w/Fidelma McGuirk

...Payslip, Fidelma has over 18 years' experience in international business. Having worked in Irish telco Eir in HR, she later led as...
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25 March 2021 -


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